Dr Melanie Van Rooy

 Dr Van Rooy is a highly driven and creative marketing and strategy executive (20 years of strategy and marketing and 35 years of analytics experience) with a keen interest in marketing strategy and customer analysis. Her background in Econometrics, Strategy and Marketing has given her the opportunity to understand and implement the causalities that drive consumer behaviour in the market. Her career is spread over an array of industries including banking, academia, hospitality, financial services, FMCG and retail. Most recently, Dr Van Rooy was instrumental in the formulation of strategy as Head of Research and Strategy at ABI (the soft drink division of SAB Limited), she excelled as Marketing Director at Makro (a division of Massmart) and as Group Marketing Director of Dis-Chem. She is currently the Head of Marketing at Clicks. Dr Van Rooy exemplifies how academic creativity and nous can be utilised to change paradigms in industry.